You’ve been unhappy for some time now.

Your marriage could definitely be happier. Things at work could be better. Relationships with family and friends could be stronger. Activities and hobbies that once brought you joy now hold no interest to you.

It’s time to take a deeper look at why you’re unhappy and, more importantly, how to recover your joy and peace.

Counseling is a place for processing, learning, and deciding what steps to take next.

You’ll learn about yourself and about your partner. You’ll also learn healthy communication skills and how to change your negative thoughts to change your emotions.


Counseling is a judgement-free and criticism-free space. You’ll get help expressing yourself and having hard conversations.

You’ll find that it’s easy to express yourself when someone is really listening, interested in what you have to say and validates your feelings.

There is no right or wrong thought or feeling, only uniqueness.

To quote Rumi, “Somewhere between right and wrong there is a garden, I will meet you there.”

It’s my commitment to provide you with total confidentiality, acceptance, and honesty. No one will know you’ve been in counseling unless you tell them.


I’ll help you process your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and situations and help you decide your next steps.

My role is to go where you lead. This is your life and you decide the direction counseling will take.

Not sure what direction you want your life to take? We’ll figure it out together.


Counseling has been my lifetime calling and passion. I’ve been in the field for decades and feel blessed to see the wonderful clients I work with grow and heal. As a child of divorce, I understand the importance of keeping families intact and building healthy blended families.

I’ve been married 37 years and raised two children, so I also know that marriage takes a lot of work. I have strong ties to Southwest Florida due to my husband growing up in Venice, Florida, and has many stories about running wild and free back in the day. I have been visiting Venice yearly for the past 39 years and have decided to broaden my practice in Florida.

With all my life experience and professional experience and training, I’m confident that I can help you with the most difficult issues.