Christian Counseling

As Christians, we all fall short.

God can use our shortcomings for growth, but sometimes we need help from someone outside our church home.

Maybe you’re a church leader, who wants the fact that you’re getting counseling to remain private.

You have a desire to be in God’s will, and you don’t want a secular therapist to lead you astray.

But, you don’t need a “ holier than thou” Biblical counselor without a license who’s going to only quote scripture and make you feel condemned.

You want to work with someone who shares your values…

…and has compassion for your situation.

You can rest assured that your situation will be in my prayers and that we’ll spend time praying together, if you’re comfortable doing that.

I’m a Christian who is a Counselor.

I try to make everything I do line up with the word of God.

I strongly believe that God sends me the people He wants me to treat. I cannot comprehend how I would be able to do my job without believing that a Higher Power is really in charge.

I’m not a Biblical scholar. You won’t hear me read from the Bible to you or preach sermons.

If you’re a Christian, you can be sure that I understand and share your beliefs. I have familiarity with several Christian faiths.

If you’re not a Christian, it’s not a problem. I’ve treated people of all faiths. I respect your beliefs. We will not discuss those beliefs unless it’s important to you.

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