Divorce Coaching & Mediation

Your marriage has been at the end of the rope for some time now.

You’ve finally made the decision that you can no longer stay.

It’s easier if you’ve made this decision together. If you haven’t, your spouse might need some help and time to accept the inevitable.

Coming in for divorce counseling can help your spouse get there.

Your participation might be difficult but will pay off in the long-term co-parenting relationship and your long-term emotional wellness.

Traditionally, people go straight to an attorney. If you do that, your spouse has no choice but to also hire an attorney. The minute that happens, they start to fight for opposite interests. The more you fight, the more they make.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some help, you can save time money, and sometimes years of agony in litigation.

Divorce Coaching

You’ve made the difficult decision to end your marriage. It’s a really good idea to put your heads together and figure out what’s next. Those are really hard conversations about the kids, the house, the money.

Get some help having these conversations before you go to attorneys who represent your opposite interests and have you fighting before you have a chance to problem solve.

We’ll sit together and talk about the kinds of decisions you might need to make. We’ll talk about what kind of legal involvement you might need.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about ways to end the marriage and transition your family without bitterness and antagonism.

Divorce Mediation

Even if you have a great deal of conflict, you and your soon to be ex are the experts at knowing what your family really needs.

What if you had a neutral attorney/mediator explaining the law so you know what decisions to make?

What if you have a communication coach helping you talk about these decisions in a productive way?
What if this was more cost effective than hiring two attorneys to fight each other?

This is what we offer through Détente Mediation. As highly trained mediators, we saw a need to help families restructure their lives as amicably as possible and designed a process to help them accomplish it.


When you create children with someone, you’re connected to them for the rest of your life.

It’s not divorce that damages children. It’s conflict between parents that causes emotional damage.

You know the sad stories about divorced parents bickering over time with the kids, about new adult relationships, and about discipline and structure in different households. It doesn’t have to look like this.

You can learn communication techniques and problem-solving strategies to keep your kids out of a war zone.

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