Individual Therapy

You’ve reached your breaking point.

And you’re ready for a change.

It seems like everything else takes precedence over getting the help you need to make things better in your life.

Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy.

“Things aren’t really that bad.”

“I just don’t have the time right now to find someone who can help me.”

“I’ll get over it, eventually. Maybe things will get better on their own.”

It’s okay to put yourself first when you need to.

Sometimes, things don’t get better on their own.

And if things aren’t that bad right now, why wait to seek help before they get worse?

Individual Therapy is a great outlet to start to putting yourself first.

Whether you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, stress, grief and loss, women’s issues, or trauma you can learn to find healing, peace, recovery, and happiness through Individual therapy.

Depression and Anxiety

You’ve been struggling for some time now.

Sometimes the sadness and anxiety are just too much. Maybe you’ve become isolated and lost interest in having fun. Panic attacks and thoughts of self-harm are keeping you trapped.

You don’t have to keep trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. There are proven counseling techniques that can help you overcome these feelings so you can enjoy your life again.

Dealing with Stress

Sometimes all the situations in your life just seem like more than you can juggle. It feels like you just can’t sort things out or figure out your next move.

Counseling is your personal space to process the stress, take time to look at your feelings, find what’s in your control, and just settle all the balls that have been up in the air.

Dealing with Relationships

You’re at the point where you need to take a hard look at your relationship on your own. Maybe your partner refuses to join you for counseling.

Counseling can help you process what you really want. It can even help you change your relationship on your own if necessary.

Grief and Loss

If you’ve experienced a death or a major loss, you don’t have to suffer alone.

The people who love you don’t know what to say. In counseling, you have an empathetic ear where you can say whatever you need to say so you can move forward.

Women’s Issues

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job on the planet.

Sometimes you need a real conversation with another adult who won’t judge and can help you see your worth.

Or maybe you’re a working woman trying to juggle job, kids, and relationships. You need to be able to process all the emotions that come with carrying so much weight.

If you’re a sexual abuse survivor or rape victim trying to deal with the trauma, you need a safe space and a knowledgeable therapist with a gentle style that will allow you to go at your own pace.

Women also deal with hormonal imbalances, infertility issues, and caretaker stress. There is nothing more challenging than mother-daughter relationships. Whether you are dealing with a difficult teen or caring for an aging parent, call me; I’ve been there!

It can be hard to make that first phone call.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to share your story with a gate keeper/receptionist.

The only person you’ll ever need to talk to is me.

It’s also a little scary coming in for the first time.

I’ll answer any questions you might have before you come in, and you’ll know just what to expect when you get here. I’ll do everything I can to make you comfortable, a $150 fee will be charged for the session.

My office will feel like sitting in a living room with a confidant. When you see someone with over 30 years of experience, you know you’re with an expert.

For counseling & therapy in Colleyville, TX or online throughout Texas, contact Linda Miller-deBerard, LCSW today.

It only takes a phone call. I answer all of my calls personally. I’m happy to answer all your questions and do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable coming in. Call now at (817) 909-1820 for counseling in Texas and online throughout Florida.


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