Marriage Assessment

Do you know what it takes to make your marriage work?

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just hope for the best in your marriage.

Maybe your spouse is hesitant to come in for counseling, and you feel like you have one shot at it.

Or, you’ve seen other couples counselors and they just weren’t able to pinpoint your problems and help you change the relationship.

But you don’t have to wonder what could fix your marriage anymore. There are up to date scientific tools available that can show you what it takes to make your marriage work.

Your marriage can be stronger than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an assessment you could take that would tell you exactly what the strengths are in your marriage?

What if this assessment could tell you what areas you need to work on and how you needed to do the work?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to take the assessment in the privacy of your own home?

I’m here to tell you “yes” to all of the above. Such an assessment does exist!

The Gottman Inventory is a scientifically-based marital assessment that gives us all of this information.

I will interpret the assessment, explain it to you, and guide you through the techniques to help improve the areas you need to work on.

When your marriage is struggling, you want the most effective tools to repair it.

Treating marriages is now based on scientific evidence.

Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman have studied couples in their natural habitat for years. They’ve been able to define healthy couples behaviors and unhealthy couples behaviors.

I administer their comprehensive assessment to my couples to help define exactly what behaviors are working and what they need to do differently.

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